Facial Aesthetics

Over time, and exposure to one's daily environment, lines and wrinkles appear on the face and deepen gradually. In addition, changes in the elasticity of skin and underlying tissues in response to the everpresent pull of gravity result in a tired and aging appearance.


With a variety of different techniques and approaches, Dr. Otake will tailor a unique approach for each patient to gently rejuvenate specific areas of the face and neck. Consistent with the goal of achieving a naturally refreshed look, minimal incisions are concealed in the naturally occurring creases and lines of the face to render them nearly invisible.


Over time and environmental stresses, changes in the skin of our eyelids and soft tissues around the eyes result in a tired and aged look. Occasionally, excess eyelid skin may even partially obscure vision. A blepharoplasty may address loose excess skin and soft tissues which contribute to the "baggy" look in the lower lid area as well as the hooding seen in the upper eyelids. A detailed examination of the unique needs of each patient and a tailored procedure results in a bright eyed and more youthful appearance.


Advances in injectable cosmetic treatments have provided a powerful and valuable ally in addressing loss of volume and fullness to the skin of the face contributing to wrinkles and folds.


BOTOX® works to reduce wrinkles by diminishing contraction of muscles which cause such wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and at the corners of the eyes. Dr. Otake works closely with his patients to design a specific plan of injectable treatments to achieve a natural and refreshed look.

Dr. Otake is active in sharing his expertise with organizations dedicated to the application and delivery of plastic surgery care to patients around the world.

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